Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

No fuss, no mess, no ladders. Just shiny windows

Clean windows are vital for any business that engages with the public on any level, and to businesses that want their staff to work with the best light possible.

Donnington Window Cleaning Services utilises the Reach and Wash Pole System. The use of this system eliminates health and safety concerns involving the safe use of ladders because this window cleaning equipment can be safely operated by a single window cleaner from the ground using light weight water fed poles.

The system uses a high level of pure water which, as it flows over a surface, absorbs all existing substances, such as dust, dirt and leaves a smear-free surface after thorough flushing and sufficient drying time.

The Reach and Wash Pole System does not leave behind any residues unlike other conventional window cleaning methods so windows stay cleaner for longer.

Our fully-trained, highly motivated staff ensure every job is approached with excellence.

Should you be interested in our Window Cleaning Service, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 107 6077 or by clicking here


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