It is not just that computers and peripherals look terrific when they are clean – what’s even more important is that they work better and are more hygienic when they’re kept that way. After all, it’s our fingers that touch pretty much everything as we go through the day, from railings on the stairwells,  to toilet door handles and even just shaking hands. With all the contact, it is difficult to imagine what sort of dirt and germs we bring to our desks and, consequently, our computers. Cleaning computers and other equipment in the office is clearly more than just cosmetic.

Keyboards are huge dust and germ collectors. Workers eating at their desk may even drop food and crumbs into the keyboard.  The dirt in your computer can become a productivity issue as it can actually cause your machine to stop working.  As your computer gets clogged with more and more dust, the fans that keep the circuit boards, processors and graphics cards cool can end up clogged as well. When a fan stops moving, or when the air can’t circulate inside, your computer begins to overheat.  Overheating can affect the performance of a desktop and it can considerately decrease the lifespan of a computer’s internal parts. It can even cause total data loss.  Some computer components, such as CD or DVD drives, can cause endless problems when dirty. If you let them accumulate dust and grime you can get all kinds of read and write errors which may prevent you installing new software or copying data to disks.

In addition to dust, tests of computers and telephones have found they are some of the most contaminated areas in an office; more contaminated, in fact, than lavatories. According to research, unclean work stations can contain nearly four hundred times as many microbes as public toilets.

Donnington Clean uses non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and germicidal detergents for cleaning all computers and peripherals. We also clean printers, faxes, telephones, copiers, and other equipment.

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