Show a clean face to the world

In the city, dirt and grime, graffiti and pollution can soon take the shine off a company's external appearance. Donnington Facia Cleaning Services brings that shine back.

Effective on a wide range of applications, from modern brick and concrete structures to aged stone buildings and metallic, marble or stone monuments, our expertise in the latest cleaning techniques ensures our clients get the optimum finish, whatever the project.

Our systems deliver remarkable cleaning power, removing anything from built-up carbon deposits to graffiti, without damaging delicate substrates like brick mortar or glass. The review of projects by potential clients is encouraged and we are willing to carry out a test panel on new jobs before commencing work to ensure we meet your expectations.

At Donnington we pride ourselves on a reputation for excellent service and superior results. The best recommendation for our work comes from past clients including local councils, nationwide developers, architects and individuals.

We take health, safety and environmental responsibilities very seriously, using natural products and environmentally-friendly technology wherever possible.

Should you be interested in our Facia Cleaning Service, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 107 6077 or by clicking here

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