Without the help of a professional cleaning company, maintaining carpets and upholstery at your business will become an arduous task. Although there are methods which, if applied in time, are quite effective in removing small stains, they are not effective resolutions to keeping carpets clean long-term. Indeed, not every coffee spill, food stain, or dirt residue from the soles of shoes - just to give a few examples - can be attended to in a timely manner and effectively addressed.

Clean carpets and upholstery are, without a doubt, visually pleasing. They add to the business’s good image as well as to the workers’ overall well-being.  However, just because surfaces appear clean to the eye does not mean that they are actually free of impurities. In reality, dirt that collects in the carpets builds up progressively. A carpet which is visibly soiled epitomizes the final stage in the ongoing process of it having been collecting dirt. At this stage, it may already be too late to remove deeper stains as well as reverse some of the damage done to the carpet. Just to make the point - a piece of sand has more than two dozen sharp edges on it, continuously working to degrade the carpet every time it is exposed to traffic.

Routine carpet cleaning is therefore done not only for the sole purpose of maintaining appearance of carpets, but predominantly – for the purpose of maintaining their cleanness. In addition, methodical carpet care preserves carpets and promotes their longevity. In fact, the more soiled a carpet is, the harsher detergents are needed to properly clean it.

For cleaning carpets, Donnington Clean utilizes the hot water extraction cleaning method, approved by the market’s leading carpet and upholstery manufacturers. The method works by pre-spraying surfaces with enzyme based treatments and then injecting hot water with added cleaning agents under pressure onto the surface to be cleaned, whilst simultaneously vacuuming it up together with all the ground-in dirt, grease, and other impurities. The process ensures your carpets and upholstery dry quickly, making them look like new, and restoring their original colors.  Donnington Clean uses both: conventional standalone and truck-mount equipment, to ensure that we have appropriate gear at hand to get the job done with excellence and to the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition to carpet cleaning and routine carpet maintenance, Donnington Clean will happily address problematic to remove stains such as: ground-in gum, paint, ink, sticky sweets, and adhesive.  All our operatives have undergone specialist training in cleaning upholstery and carpets, and use Prochem equipment and cleaning products.


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