Leisure Sector

Leisure Sector

Clean, Set and Match

We know how demanding health & leisure environments can be. The strict level of hygiene and cleanliness required, particularly in a health club or sporting environment, has to be met by an experienced and professional cleaning team. Donnington Clean has the skills, experience and dedication to quality to make your premises exemplary.

Our experience of working in the sector means we understand the unique requirements of leisure facilities and can therefore create solutions that enhance member experience and satisfaction

Due to our clients’ diverse requirements we carry out a variety of different leisure cleaning solutions including; all day cleaning/locker attending, overnight cleaning, short shift multiple operative early morning/late night cleaning and ‘pick-up’ cleaning at various times throughout the day.

Our continual focus on service quality built into flexible solutions that fit around peak and off-peak visitor times delivers solutions that enable leisure facility operators to utilise their cleaning service to its full potential and achieve return on investment.

Our very first contract, which we still hold today, a tennis club – and we have made it our business to ensure that all leisure environments receive the same dedication and care.

Should you require further information please get in touch by calling on 0800 107 6077 or by e-mailing us at info@donningtonclean.com

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