Estate and Building cleaning

Estate and Building cleaning

For over 15 years, Donnington has worked alongside property management companies to help clean and manage high-profile developments throughout the UK. Working closely with companies such as Qube Management, Legal & General, Hamptons International, Savills and Origin Housing, Donnington has built a reputation based on excellence in the work place and value for money.

We focus on Achieving and maintaining the highest levels of Cleanliness to ensure the property managers are able to concentrate on the overall service. Our Skilled cleaning operatives remain discreet and carry out their work with minimum disruption, ensuring every site can function as it needs to; our service is invisible but our results are tangible. Donnington is Dedicated to assisting hundreds of clients to create a clean environment for residents, employees and visitors alike.

Donnington recognises that every site is individual with Distinct Requirements. Our skilled contract managers have the Knowledge and Experience to anticipate clients’ needs and direct resources as necessary, delivering Unique and Flexible service solutions.

Communication is key to Donnington’s success; we ensure knowledge is shared to encourage a Seamless Service for our clients, resulting in Lower Costs and Higher Productivity. Clients are encouraged to contact Donnington at any time, to discuss a change in requirements or an alternative approach. This means that together, we can devise new, Specifically Tailored ways of working.

We pride ourselves on providing Efficient, Effective cleaning. By regularly investing in New Technology and employee training, we ensure that we consistently add value, maximise Productivity and deliver Superior cleaning standards.

Whatever a client’s cleaning requirement might be, Donnington has the solution.

In summary, Donnington Clean is a privately owned company with a corporate approach; we have the ability and foresight to be able to Exceed the Expectations of our clients and offer the best value through rigorous management processes.

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