Employee Attendance & Lone Worker Monitoring

Donnington has a legal responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare at work of all of your employees. As part of this we have a duty to conduct a lone worker risk assessment, and take steps to ensure that lone workers are not at more risk than other employees.

As part of Donnington’s Employee Attendance & Lone Worker Monitoring procedures, we use U-Clock a unique and cost effective SMS based employment management solution on all of our customer sites.

The system is a fully featured hardware and software solution comprising of a U-Clock device installed at our customer sites and a powerful, secure, administrative website.

As well as U-Clock helps us manage many essential administrative tasks such as checking staff are on-site at their scheduled time, alerting key personnel when they are not, producing reports such as timesheets, attendance reports, site reports and much more.

The solution provides guaranteed proof of when a worker enters and leaves a customer site.

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